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Character: Lane Kim, Lane Hyun-kyung Kim (birth name), Lane Van Gerbig (married name)
TV show: Gilmore Girls
Played by: Keiko Agena
Husband: Zach Van Gerbig, have twin boys, Kwan & Steve.
Best friend: Rory Gilmore
Background: Lane grew up in Stars Hollow with her mother (her father never seen) who is very religious. Lane loves rock-and-roll & junk food. However her mother disapproves of her interests so Lane hides her things in loose floorboards and her closet. Lane joins a band as soon as she can (though she is forced to hide the fact) as a drummer where she met her first real love, Dave. Eventually Dave moves away and Lane falls in love with Zach. They married in season 6 and had their twins in season 7. Lane continues to have a complicated relationship with her mother but by the end of the series they seem to have an understanding of each other that is respectful despite their differences.