Welcome to! This is the domain of Jamie, a 28 year old female from Ohio, USA. This site was created to host my various projects that I randomly get to urge to create. It was orginally used a personal site but then I got hooked onto Livejournal so I have been blogging there instead. Just a notice, this main part is not updated all of the time. What you'll find here is updates on my websites, fanlistings I've joined, (eventually) my graphics archive, & whatever else I come up with to do.

_____________________ Quick Stats;
Born on: 9/25/2004
Host: surpass hosting
Owner: Jamie
Current number of hostees: 0
Hosting opened: For listing type sites only.
Layout featuring: My photography. Made in Photoshop 7.0.


Where else you can find me;
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Contact Info;
Email: hermionesparkles[at]
AIM: SweetJstar24
Yahoo!: HermioneSparkles

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My favorites are constantly changing but here are the current ones as of February 2009:

Movie: Harry Potter series, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, the Austin Powers Series, the Mummy series, Moulin Rouge, Mulan, Save the last dance, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shrek, It takes two, Bring it on, Casper, Now & Then, and majority of Disney films.

TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Modern Family, Parenthood, Angel, Mike & Molly, The Talk, Robot Chicken, 19 Kids & Counting, The Soup, TMZ, Gilmore Girls, House M.D., America's Next Top Model, M*A*S*H, Full House, ER, Reba, Whose line is it anyway?, King of the Hill, Dharma & Greg, Ghost Hunters, That 70's Show, and Malcolm in the Middle.

Book: Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, Zoya and Silent Honor by Danielle Steel, Twilight series by Stephanie Meyers, & the Shirley Temple Scrapbook.

Actress: Drew Barrymore, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, Michelle Trachenburg, Julia Stiles, Kirsten Dunst, Shirley Temple, Dakota Fanning, Keiko Agena, Christina Ricci, Thora Birch, Beverley Mitchell, Bonnie Wright, Queen Latifah, and Lauren Graham.

Actor: Rupert Grint, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Will Smith, Brendan Fraser, Alan Alda, Seth Green, Ewan McGregor, Stephen Collins, Danny Masterson, Sean Hayes and Mike Myers.

Movie character: Christian (Moulin Rouge), Ron Weasley, Molly, & Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter), Roberta & Chrissy (Now & Then), Dory (Finding Nemo), Amanda (It Takes Two), Mulan (Mulan), and Dylan (Charlie's Angels).

TV character: Lorelai Gilmore, Sookie St. James, & Lane Kim from Gilmore Girls, Kyra Hart from Reba, Gregory House from House M.D., Sherman Potter from M*A*S*H and Lucy Camden Kinkirk from 7th Heaven.

Book character: Ron Weasley (Harry Potter), Carmen (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), and Mary Anne Spier (Baby-Sitters Club)

Food: chesseburgers, honey bbq wings from Applebees, chicken (made anyway but must be boneless), soft tacos, cheese quesadillas, mozzarella sticks, mint ice cream, corn, carrots, pepperoni lean pockets, steak and most types of candy.

Drink: coke, midouri sour, watermelon pucker w/sprite, cherry bomb, Fanta orange, Welch Grape, mountain dew (regular & code red), vanilla coke, cherry coke, apple juice, strawberry daquari, & milkshakes

Color: blue, silver, purple & maroon

Number: 24

Holiday: 4th of July