Welcome to! This is the domain of Jamie, a 28 year old female from Ohio, USA. This site was created to host my various projects that I randomly get to urge to create. It was orginally used a personal site but then I got hooked onto Livejournal so I have been blogging there instead. Just a notice, this main part is not updated all of the time. What you'll find here is updates on my websites, fanlistings I've joined, (eventually) my graphics archive, & whatever else I come up with to do.

_____________________ Quick Stats;
Born on: 9/25/2004
Host: surpass hosting
Owner: Jamie
Current number of hostees: 0
Hosting opened: For listing type sites only.
Layout featuring: My photography. Made in Photoshop 7.0.


Where else you can find me;
Formspring : Facebook : Livejournal : Shadowed Icons : Joined Listings : Twitter : NASCARland


Contact Info;
Email: hermionesparkles[at]
AIM: SweetJstar24
Yahoo!: HermioneSparkles

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Facts about Jamie;

NAME: Jamie
AGE: 28
LOCATION: Northeast, Ohio, USA
NICKNAMES: J, Jamster, Jamie Jamerson, Jookie, James, Popo, Sissy
BIRTHDAY: February 24th
JOB: Video Tech for Teleperformance working for Cox Communctions (May 1, 2006-November 2009), unemployed currently, boo.
EYE COLOR: Blue with a tint of green
HAIR COLOR: Light Brown naturally
SIBLINGS: Matt (26) & Mallory (16)
PETS: Drusilla & Riley, beta fish.
WHAT KEEPS ME AMUSED: Fangirling, taking photos, making icons, hanging out with friends & family, reading, & laughing.

; I am named after my grandmother and great-grandmother (middle name).
; I don't like my first name. I think it is to boyish.
; When I was a kid I thought my name should have been Tiffany, Amber or Elizabeth.
; I still like music groups from my "teeny days" such as Backstreet Boys, Hanson and Spice Girls.
; My sister and I are exactly 11 years, 3 months, 11 hours & 30 minutes apart.
; I am not a cake person, I can barely finish one piece. Same with doughnuts. Cupcakes are a different story, lol.
; I dislike scary movies with a passion. I think they are pointless & they amuse me more than scary.
; I am crazy about baby names, I have about 10 baby naming books that I have collected since I was a kid. I think I have some from the 80's so they are a bit out of date. Check out my favorites.
; I am afraid of many things including death, needles, heights and bees. I am basically a big baby. Heh.
; I love the color blue.
; I always sleep with a blanket even if it's hot.
; I find accents sexy.
; I am so not a morning person but once I am awake, I am the most productive at that time of day.
; I've only had 9 pets of my own in my lifetime and all were fish. Their names have been Mary-Kate, Tookie, Hermione, Xander, Cordy, Numfar, Tara, Riley, & Drusilla.
; I giggle whenever I see Omar Vizquel. It's pathetic really.
; I love watching NASCAR. Jeff Gordon's been my favorite driver since 1994.
; I still read Baby-Sitter Club books on occasion.
; I dislike the color day-glo green.
; I wish I could tan..just once in my life! It won't happen, I'm the palest person ever. Ask anyone!
; I mostly listen to the TV..not watch it.
; I get really excited when I get mail in the actual mailbox from a friend.
; I am the worst speller alive. Thank goodness for Google & spell check.
; I was the first girl grandchild on both sides of my family
; I have a slight obsession of buying TV shows on DVD.
; My favorite thing to do is to swing on the swingset. You feel so free but it's scary at the same time.
; I like to collect things. I collect Omar Vizquel, Harry Potter, Backstreet Boys, and Mary-Kate & Ashley (not as much as I used to) merchandise. I collect spoons from various states and autographs (though my collection is really small). My two biggest collections are my Shirley Temple movies/books & my The Baby-Sitters Club series books.