Jesse wants a romantic night with Becky but she has a business dinner scheduled so therefore they have a spat. Joey, meanwhile, is obsessed with his new car he has named Rosie. He notices a nick in her paint and he leaves to get a bottle of touch-up paint leaving Stephanie alone with the car.

Stephanie, who has not been able to find anyone to play with before she leaves for dance class, decides to sit in the car. She tries to turn on the radio but accidentally starts the car and reverses it...right into the kitchen. She is unhurt but terrified of what she has done. Michelle walks in and sees what has happened exclaiming, "there's a car in the kitchen!!". DJ & Kimmy are upstairs and unaware of what has happened and do not believe Michelle when she tells them. Stephanie has decided to run away and says goodbye to her sisters. Stephanie has her dance class ride take her Becky's house.

Once Stephanie has left, both Jesse & Danny (while an amused DJ takes a photo of his shocked face) discover the mess. After determining that everyone is okay, Jesse shows up at Becky's to apologize and finds Stephanie hiding in the closet.

Joey comes back home and is shocked to see what has happened to his car (and the kitchen).

Jesse returns home with Stephanie. She owns up to what she has done and goes upstairs to cry about her destructiveness. This results in a heart to heart talk with her father and cue the music.

This episode originally aired on March 09, 1990.