Buffy decides she wants to try to be a normal teenager and tries out for the cheerleading squad. During trials, a girl trying out bursts into flames. The next day Cordelia goes blind during her driving lesson. Buffy & Cordelia make the squad but Amy, whom they believe to be a witch, does not.

The next day Buffy is in high energy and acting very unusual. Soon she becomes weak and Giles predicts she only has a few hours to live. Giles & Buffy go to Amy's house to confort Amy's mother when Buffy figures out Amy's mother is actually Amy. Amy's mother, Catherine, is the actual witch and had switched their bodies.

Buffy, Giles, & Amy (in Catherine's body) go back to the high school so that Giles can try to cook up a spell to release the dark magic. Catherine (in Amy's body) starts to get flashes of what Giles is doing and goes to stop him. Willow & Xander try to hold her off with poor results. There is a fight & Catherine's spell rebounds onto her & she vanishes.

Amy goes to live with her father. She bonds with Buffy who is no longer on the cheer squad. The final shot is what appears to be Catherine trapped in her own cheerleading trophy in the school's display.

This episode originally aired on March 17, 1997.