The episode opens with the ambulance arriving at the Summer's home to treat a wounded Buffy. Meanwhile in the house, Willow is pleading with Osiris to bring back Tara who was killed by a bullet from Warren's shooting. The god can can not bring Tara back since she was not killed by magic. Willow leaves the house to go the magic shop. Even though Anya tries to stop her, Willow absorbs power from the books and becomes Dark Willow.

Warren goes to Willie's bar to celebrate killing the Slayer. While there he learns that Buffy is alive. Afraid, he goes to Rack to seek protection. Rack informs him that Willow will be seeking revenge and that he will not be able to defeat her.

Willow goes to the hospital where she magically heals Buffy. Dawn returns home and finds Tara's body. Xander, Buffy, & Willow go in search of Warren. They catch up to him only to discover that it was a robot duplicate. Willow then tells Xander and Buffy about Tara and when they refuse to help Dark Willow kill Warren, she lashes out and vanishes.

Buffy and Xander go home and find Dawn sitting in the room with Tara's body. They discuss what to do about Willow and Warren. Buffy goes to Spike to ask him what he would do but he has left Sunnydale. Spike is in Africa seeking a demon to undergo testing to become what he once was. The demon agrees.

Buffy and Xander go to the magic shop to ask Anya for help and learn that she is once again a vengeance demon and is able to sense Willow's thirst for vengeance. Meanwhile, Willow uses magic to track Warren in a forest. He tries to ambush her but fails. She magically has Warren experience the pain that Tara felt by forcing a bullet into his chest. Warren begs for mercy. Buffy, Xander, and Anya arrive in time to see Willow kill Warren. She says "one to go" and disappears. She is intent on killing Jonathan and Andrew as they were Warren's partners.

This episode originally aired on May 14, 2002.