Buffy drops out of college so that she can take of Dawn. Ben is fired from the hospital after not showing up since Glory has been taking the human form they share more.

Buffy seeks advice from Giles about taking over the mother role of Dawn after finding out that Dawn has been skipping school. Meanwhile, Glory's minions give her enough information that she figures out who the Key is.

Tara and Willow have a fight over Willow's growing powers and Tara's fear that she will not be satisfied with her anymore and go back to dating men. Tara goes to a fair and sits on a bench, sad about her fight with Willow. Glory joins her and questions her about the Key. Glory discovers that it isn't Tara and Tara refuses to tell her that it is Dawn, causing Glory to drain Tara's mind of her sanity.

At the hospital, Willow plans to seek revenge on Glory. Buffy takes Dawn to Spike to keep her safe. Dawn blames herself for all of the harm that has come to them especially Tara and Spike and Spike comforts her. Buffy and Xander try to convince Willow not to go after Glory. Willow goes to the magic shop, gathers supplies, and goes after Glory anyways.

At Glory's, Willow does cause Glory some pain (which Buffy had not been able to do yet) but Glory gains the upper hand. Buffy shows up and battles Glory until one of Willow's spells allows Willow and Buffy to escape.

The next day, Willow, Tara, Buffy, & Dawn sit to eat and talk of taking care of Tara. However, Glory shows up (taking out a wall) and a frightened Tara reveals that Dawn is the Key.

This episode originally aired on May 1, 2001.