Xander is desperate to find himself after his break up with Cordelia and not getting along with his friends. In the school yard, someone throws a football to Xander but he misses, hitting Jack O'Toole's lunch who then threatens Xander. Cordelia witnesses the whole event and tells Xander that he is useless.

After talking with Oz to find out what makes someone cool, Xander gets himself a car that he thinks will make him stand out. At the Bronze that night, Xander rear-ends into Jack. Jack threatens Xander with a knife. However, Xander covers for Jack when a cop shows up.

Meanwhile, Buffy, Willow, and Giles are at the library with Oz who is in his werewolf mode. Willow thinks that Oz is freaking out because he senses trouble. There someone trying to open the Hellmouth again.

Xander is now the wheelman for Jack and his friends (freshly raised from the grave). Jack and his friends try to kill Xander to initiate him into their club and raising him again. He runs and escapes in his car. He rescues Faith who was fighting a demon and they end up sleeping together. She then kicks him out, still half dressed.

Xander finds supplies in his car that seems to point that Jack and his friends have built a bomb at the high school. He tries to find Buffy, who after having an emotional talk with Angel, isn't in the mood to listen. So Xander goes to the school to stop it. He walks in to find the Scooby gang fighting the demons appearing at the opening of the Hellmouth. Jack & Xander have an encounter and Jack finally defuses the bomb with seconds to spare. Jack goes leave after seeking revenge where he is meet by Oz still in his werewolf form who attacks him.

Meanwhile, Buffy, Faith, Giles, Willow, and Angel are busy fighting a giant monster and a group of female demons. They win the fight and succeed in closing the Hellmouth.

The next day everyone acts as though nothing happened even though the majority of the group is bruised. Xander comes by to chat with them but decides to keep his night to himself. Cordelia spots Xander as he walks by and she taunts him but this time, he walks away smiling.

This episode originally aired on January 26, 1999.