Buffy takes Angel's advice and tries to open about her mother entering the dating world again. However when Buffy comes home to find her mom with Ted, she can not bring herself to like him.

Ted puts himself into every aspect of Buffy's life and to Buffy's dismay, everybody loves Ted. Xander especially loves his cookies. Ted quietly threatens Buffy if she steps out of line and she knows he is bad news with no proof. One night she comes home to discover him reading her diary. Ted slaps her and they tassel resulting in Ted falling down the stairs. Joyce goes to help him only to discover he has no pulse.

Buffy is in a haze of guilt over the death of Ted. Meanwhile Willow, Cordelia, & Xander dig into Ted's life. They discover he has had four wives since 1957 that have gone missing. They also discover his cookies are drugged.

Buffy once again finds Ted in her room. This time they fight and Buffy cuts his face, discovering Ted is a robot. Ted knocks Buffy unconscious and goes to Joyce. He wants her to leave with him and when she refuses, he knocks her out. Buffy wakes up and hits Ted with a pan. The gang discovers the "real" Ted was a inventor with a sick mind. His wife had left him and he had built a "better" version of himself, Ted the robot. He kidnapped her and held her captive until she died. He went after women that looked like his wife again and again. Joyce was the fifth one he had gone after.

The episode ends with everyone pretty happy, especially Giles & Jenny who are seen kissing in the library at the end.

This episode originally aired on December 8, 1997.