About Reba


Reba originally aired on the WB from 2001-2006. It was then canceled when UPN and the WB merged. However, the CW decided to pick it up for 13 episodes giving it a final season that ended in February of 2007.

The show is about a newly divorced woman (Reba) who has three children (Cheyenne, Kyra, & Jake) living in Houston, Texas. Reba's ex-husband (Brock) left her to marry his dental hygienist that worked with him who is now pregnant with his baby (Barbra Jean). To add to it, high school aged Cheyenne is pregnant by her boyfriend, Van, who she marries.

The characters:

• Reba Hart (played by Reba McEntire) - Single mom who takes care of everyone including Brock and Barbra Jean from time to time. She is very outspoken & love her family hard. She did work as a secretary but eventually became a real estate agent.
• Brock Hart (played by Christopher Rich) - Reba's ex-husband. He is very full of himself, loves golf, and tends to be childish which leads to fights with both his ex-wife and his current wife (Barbra Jean). He is a dentist who owns his own practice.
• Cheyenne (Hart) Montgomery (played by Joanna Garcνa) - Reba & Brock's eldest. She is the popular girl in school and then she got pregnant. She marries his boyfriend (Van) who moves into her room after his parents kick him out. Cheyenne is very self centered, a bit of an air-head (which her sister, Kyra, adores), and sweet. She ended up going to college to study dentistry that she later changes to become a counselor. She is inspired to do this after developing an alcohol problem. She is also a devoted wife to Van and a loving mother to Elizabeth.
• Van Montgomery (played by Steve Howey) - Cheyenne's husband and father to Elizabeth. Van is a big goofball and a air-head like his wife. Again, Kyra loves this. He deeply loves his in-laws, his relationship is strained with his parents since they threw him out when he married Cheyenne. At the beginning of the series he was a talented football player which he eventually has to give up due to injury revealing an issue with his spine. He ends up becoming a real estate agent working along side Reba.
• Kyra Hart (played by Scarlett Pomers) - The typical middle child, Kyra is smart, stubborn, sarcastic, and at times a little too rough. She adores music and confusing her parents. Kyra ended up moving in with her father & Barbra Jean much to her mother's dislike. She also skipped college to get into music. Kyra was not seen as much in the later seasons due to Scarlett's battle with anorexia.
• Jake Hart (played by Mitch Holleman) - Jake didn't appear as much during the early seasons. He was used for cute zingers. Jake lives in his own kid world and speaks his mind without thinking a lot. He is close to his dad and Van.
• Barbra Jean Hart (played by Melissa Peterman) - Originally called "BJ", Barbra Jean is a giant personality. In the first few seasons she was portrayed more as the typical over-the-top Texan wife including a lot of religious behavior. As the series went on, she became more loud but she was also portrayed as a lot more sensitive and caring. She likes to state random facts and tends to go "big". She is the mother of Henry (her son with Brock) born in season 1 & later became a weather reporter known as Stormy Clearweather.
• Elizabeth Montgomery (played by Alena & Gabrielle Leberger) - Daughter of Cheyenne and Van.
• Henry Hart (played by Alexander & Jackson McClellan) - Son of Brock & Barbra Jean. Half brother to Cheyenne, Kyra, & Jake.