Buffy trains to work on her strength with Giles. Her sister, Dawn, distracts her so that she falls out of a handstand on a block of crystals. Dawn continues to annoy Buffy after their home. Joyce asks Buffy to take Dawn back to school shopping but Riley reminds Buffy that they have plans so she cancels. Giles drives the sisters to their errands but has issues with his new BMW. They spot Willow & Tara going to the magic shop where they find the owner dead from a vampire attack. Buffy sends Dawn outside where a man tells Dawn that she doesn't belong. She is shaken by it and Tara keeps her company.

The Scooby gang realizes that the vampires that killed the magic shop owner were looking for books on how to kill the Slayer with Harmony as their leader. That night, Dawn is happy that Xander will be her babysitter until she finds out that Anya is coming too. Harmony comes that night to confront Buffy while Xander taunts her from the house. Dawn accidentally invites the vampires in but they are kicked out before they can get in the house.

Buffy returns home and giggles over the fact that Harmony has minions. Buffy gets angry with Dawn for inviting Harmony in. Dawn hears Buffy complaining to Riley and Xander about her and runs outside. Anya tries to get her inside but one of Harmony's minions attacks and injuries her. Buffy runs after her sister.

Harmony plans to use Dawn as bait so they can not eat her. Her minions are not happy with this plan. Buffy meets Spike on the way and gets the location of Harmony's location. Spike arrives and kills the minions while Harmony escapes. Buffy frees her sister and they agree not to tell Joyce.

The next day Giles tells Buffy that he has decided to take over the magic shop while Dawn writes in her journal, writing that if Buffy thinks she is a nobody, she is in for a surprise.

This episode originally aired on October 3, 2000.