Buffy takes the potential slayers out to the cemetery where Spike attacks both Rona and Vi. Buffy uses this as a teaching lesson on how to deal with vampire attacks. Regrouping in the basement of the Summers home, the potentials argue about things causing Buffy to remind them about the seriousness of death.

During all of the activity with the potentials, both Dawn and Andrew struggle to fit and feel left out.

Willow prepares to do a spell to locate the new potential that is located in Sunnydale and surrounds her with a glowing aura. The spell fails the first time and causes a smell so Dawn opens the door for some air. The glowing aura follows her and knocks her down and surrounds her. Dawn freaks out that she is the new potential slayer but doesn't tell Buffy. She eventually sneaks out of her window.

Buffy & Spike take the potentials to a demon art to demonstrate how to get info out of demons. Buffy secretly asks Clem to scare the potentials which he does happily.

Dawn runs into Amanda, a fellow student at the school, outside who claims she had been attacked by a vampire. She got away by locking it into one of the classrooms. Dawn volunteers to take care of it without going to find Buffy. Amanda and Dawn break into the school where they find the classroom unlocked and don't see the vampire hiding that attacks them. After a battle, Amanda is found to be the potential by staking the vamp with a weapon that is given to her by Dawn, who realizes it before she does. Amanda is hit by the glowing aura after Willow casts the spell again to find Dawn after they find her missing.

Amanda and the other potentials bond over their successful fights while Dawn watches from another room. Buffy takes the potentials down to the basement for more training while Dawn is left behind again. Xander catches onto what is bothering Dawn and confides in her that he knows how hard it is to be the powerless member of the gang. He tell her that she is extraordinary just the way she is.

This episode originally aired on January 21, 2003.