Xander and Cordelia are attacked by a werewolf while in their car and the following day Giles points out that several animals have been killed by what appears to be a werewolf. Both Oz and Larry have been bitten recently although those were by a cousin (Oz) and a dog (Larry). After some research, the gang discovered that the werewolf is only a wolf for three days and a human the rest of the time so it would be wrong to kill it. Unfortunately there is a werewolf hunter hunting the animal. Oz wakes up one morning in the forest, naked and alone. He calls his aunt and asks if his cousin is a werewolf. Meanwhile, Xander thinks that Larry is the werewolf since he was bitten by a dog. He confronts him only to find out that Larry is really hiding the fact that he is gay.

Theresa, a student who is killed by the werewolf, raises as a vampire and passes along a message to Buffy from Angelus which shakes her. Xander ends up staking the vamp and comforts his friend. Willow goes to visit Oz at his house and confronts him over the mixed signals he has been giving her. Before they can resolve her feelings, he transforms into the werewolf. Willow gets away and finds Giles and Buffy who were about to hunt for Oz with a tranquilizer gun. The gang runs into Cain in the forest and it ends up being Willow shooting Oz with the tranquilizer gun. Buffy bends Cain's gun and sends him away from Sunnydale.

Willow and Oz talk the next morning and share their first kiss together.

This episode originally aired on January 27, 1998.