Warning spoilers for Gilmore Girls - a year in a life

Paris Geller was played by Liza Weil for the entire series Gilmore Girls (well since the 2nd episode of season 1). Paris was a rich girl and raised by her nanny. Paris is devoted to academics & competed with Rory once Rory started Chilton. Paris had 2 best friends at Chilton, Madeline & Louise and her major crush was Tristin. Paris & Rory eventually bonded and remained close all through Yale (living together all 4 years) & adulthood.

Paris was crushed not to get into Harvard, where her family had gone to for generations. She attended Yale & then attended Harvard Medical School. Her job is running a successful surrogacy/fertility clinic in New York.

Paris has a flare for educated men. She went out with Jamie, who was a Princeton student. She also went out with a Yale professor, Asher Fleming who she dated until he died. Later on, Paris started dating fellow Yale student, Doyle. She eventually marries him and has two children with him, Gabriela & Timóteo. Doyle, a Hollywood screenwriter, and Paris are separated.