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{underlined is main family}
Zeek Braverman, played by Craig T. Nelson, patriarch of the Braverman family.
Camille Braverman played by Bonnie Bedelia, matriarch of the Braverman family.

Adam Braverman played by Peter Krause, oldest Braverman sibling.
Kristina Braverman played by Monica Potter, Adam's wife.
Haddie Braverman played by Sarah Ramos, Adam & Kristina's oldest child.
Max Braverman played by Max Burkholder, Adam & Kristina's middle child.
Nora Braverman played by Ella and Mia Allan, Adam & Kristina's youngest child.

Sarah Braverman played by Lauren Graham, 2nd Braverman sibling.
Amber Holt played by Mae Whitman, Sarah's oldest child.
Drew Holt played by Miles Heizer, Sarah's son.

Crosby Braverman played by Dax Shepard, 3rd Braverman sibling.
Jasmine Braverman played by Joy Bryant, Crosby's wife.
Jabbar Trussell played by Tyree Brown, Crosby and Jasmine's son.
Aida Trussell-Braverman played by Hazel and Violet Zimmerman, Crosby and Jasmine's newborn daughter.

Julia Graham played by Erika Christensen, youngest Braverman sibling.
Joel Graham played by Sam Jaeger, Julia's husband.
Sydney Graham played by Savannah Paige Rae, Julia and Joel's daughter.
Victor Graham played by Xolo Mariduena, Julia and Joel's adopted son.