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I have been watching women's college gymnastics since about 2010ish which is around the time when I got cable. At first it really overwhelmed me with the shouting (lol) and so many gymnasts going up on each event. And to think that was back when I had just one channel that showed a few meets a season and I had ZERO clue about live streaming! Overtime I have learned the ins and outs of college gymnastics and why it's so different than the elite world which is a world I have loved since 1996. I also liked the fact that most of the time, girls are on the same team for four years so it is awesome to watch them grow. You get stupid attached and hate it when they are seniors! It happens quick! You can't help but have fun watching these ladies especially during the floor routines! College gymnasts put their all into their routines and it's a joy to watch.

Most of my favorites are from the SEC network which I feel is the best network that showcases women's college gymnastics. I have also really grown attached to Pac 12 teams this year since I magically got the Pac 12 channel in my cable channels this year and they show a lot of meets!

Favorites teams:
- Florida
- Alabama
- Auburn
- Kentucky
- Arizona State

Favorites Gymnasts currently competing [2017 season]:
Alabama - Aja Sims, Kiana Winston
Arizona - Emily Richardson, Arianna Robinson
Arizona State - Katelyn Lentz
Arkansas - Leah Macmoyle
Auburn - MJ Rott, Gracie Day, A'Miracal Phillips
Florida - Kennedy Baker, Alicia Boren, Alex McMurty, Amelia Hundley, Rachel Slocum
Georgia - Vivi Babalis, Gigi Marino, Sabrina Vega
Illinois - Mary Jane Horth, Lizzy LeDuc
Kentucky - Mollie Korth, Alex Hyland, Sidney Dukes
LSU - McKenna Kelley, Sarah Finnagan, Myia Hambrick, Ashleigh Gnat, Lauren Li, Erin Macadaeg
Michigan - Brianna Brown
Missouri - Kennedi Harris, Brittany Ward
Oklahoma - Maggie Nichols, Brenna Dowell
Stanford - Elizabeth Price
UCLA - Katelyn Ohashi, Kyla Ross, Peng Peng Lee, Hallie Mossett, Sonya Meraz, Madison Kocian, Napualani Hall
Washington - Maya Washington

Favorites Gymnasts that have graduated/no longer competing:
[More may be added. I misplaced my favorites list from previous years....yep I write it down! These are just from the top of my head.]
Alabama - Carley Sims, Lauren Beers
Auburn - Caitlin Atkinson
Denver - Nina McGhee
Florida - Bridget Sloan, Kytra Hunter, Bridgette Caquatto, Mackenzie Caquatto, Ashanee Dickerson
Georgia - Kat Ding, Brandie Jay, Brittany Rogers, Courtney Kupets, Courtney McCool, Mary Beth Box
LSU - Llloimincia Hall, Jessica Savona
Stanford - Ivana Hong
UCLA - Samantha Peszeck, Mohini Bhardwaj, Danusia Francis, Anna Li

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