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_________________About Mary-Kate

Full Name: Mary Kate Olsen
Birthday: June 13, 1986 (age 28)
Parents: David & Jarenette (divorced)
Siblings: Trent, Ashley (twin), Elizabeth, Taylor (half sibling), & Jake (half sibling).
Partner: Olivier Sarkozy (married in 2015)
Current Projects: Elizabeth & James, The Row, Olsenboye, and StyleMint.


Grew up and attended school in Sherman Oaks, California.
Attended NYU (did not graduate).
Is shorter than her twin by an inch.
Is younger than her twin by 2 minutes.
As children she had lighter colored bangs than her twin, Ashley.
Is left handed.
Used to compete horses and owned two, CD and Star.
Became the youngest producer in history along with her twin at age 6.
Co-author of the book Influence
Was a millionaire by the time she reached age 10 (1996). Estimated wealth in 2004 was $137 million.
Missed her prom to host Saturday Night Live so the opening of the show featured the cast throwing a prom.
Has put acting on hold to focus on fashion designing and being a business woman.
Ran a company called Dualstar with her sister that was started in 1993. Mary-Kate and her twin took over in 2004.
Was a close friend of Heath Ledger