Domain History; was bought on September 25, 2004 & is currently hosted by surpass hosting. Before I bought the domain, my personal site was called Kookyville. Kookyville was created on on Christmas Eve, 2001. It was my very first website. I created it due to the fact that all of my friends were making their own at the time. I didn't know anything about fansites, forums or anything fandom related back then. I had just gotten internet access at my home just a few months earlier. I didn't really do anything with the website until the next month or so. I knew nothing about websites back then so it was always rather dull but I was proud of it. I remember when I learned how to make links that opened in a new window by myself..I was so proud of myself.

I decided to move Kookyville to Geocities in the Summer of 2003 because of Angelfire putting up more ads up. Also, Angelfire had made me mad by deleting my beloved Full House site (I apparently didn't know about backing up back then). I was finally got hosted by Hannah at on 01/10/2004 and the site stayed there until I bought the domain that September.

I picked the name about a year or so before I actually got the domain. The name is because royal blue is my favorite color and I like dramatic things like acting, colors and movies. Hence royal - drama.

This space has changed in the years that I have had it. It was originally a personal website where I blogged and just general silly things. Once I started blogging on Livejournal, I now generally use this space for joining and building fanlistings.