Buffy starts her new job as a counselor at the high school. She meets a few students with a variety of problems, including her own sister. Buffy meets Cassie Newton who confesses she is going to die next Friday. Buffy asks many questions but Cassie says she just knows.

Cassie seems to know things are going to happen before they do. Buffy sends Dawn to befriend Cassie. Willow does some digging and finds a website Cassie posts her poetry. It is sad and morbid and the gang fears she is going to kill herself, which Cassie denies when Buffy & Xander run into her after interviewing Cassie's father.

Buffy eventually finds out that a group of boys are going to sacrifice to a demon so that they may have infinite riches. Buffy tries to stop the ritual but not before the demon appears. Buffy and a semi sane Spike fight off the demon to save Cassie. Peter, the leader of the cloaked boys, begs the demon for money who then bites Peter and explodes into dust.

Buffy & Cassie walk away and Buffy saves her again by catching a arrow that nearly goes into Cassie's head. Buffy is happy that she managed to save Cassie from her death and says one person can make a difference. Cassie tells Buffy, "And you will." and collapses to the ground and dies.

The gang gathers at the Summer's home and talk about Cassie. She had a heart defect nobody knew about, she was going to die anyways. Buffy felt that she had failed but Dawn says that she didn't fail and because of her, Cassie & Dawn became friends. Buffy realizes that she can't always help everyone.

This episode originally aired on October 15, 2002.