For Thanksgiving Lorelai and Rory have been invited to 4 Thanksgiving dinners. Their first stop is the Kim's where Lorelai eats tofurkey and they see that Lane has managed to get Dave hired by her mother to play music. The second stop is at Luke's where not only Lorelai but Babette notices Rory's lackluster kiss with Jess. Their third stop is at Sookie & Jackson's where Sookie is upset that Jackson and his family are deep frying her turkey. She copes by drinking while watching the madness. The final stop at Richard and Emily's where it is revealed that Rory has applied to Yale which Lorelai does not take well.

Meanwhile, Paris is trying to get into a shelter to volunteer to help her get into Harvard, Kirk has gotten a cat (Kirk) who does not like him, Dave ends up kissing Lane after the Kim's dinner is over (Lane pages Rory with the message "Bible kiss Bible" afterwards), and Dean confronts Jess and tells him that Stars Hallow is his town and Jess better watch out.

This episode originally aired on November 26, 2002.