Buffy is not happy that the Council has decided to come to Sunnydale to give her the information she seeks instead of just telling her by phone. Meanwhile Glory decides that Buffy is the only hurdle in regards to the Key.

The Council show up at the Magic Box and decide it will be closed while they are there. They have the information on Glory Buffy needs but decide they need to test her abilities and methods before they give it to her. While some of the Council give physically test Buffy, they interview the Scooby gang and Spike. They find nothing to incriminate her.

When Buffy returns home, she finds Glory in her living room. Glory threatens Buffy that she will kill her friends & family and make her watch and leaves without a physical fight.

Buffy takes Joyce & Dawn to Spike's crypt for protection and heads to the Magic Box. On her way there she is attacked by knights. She learns they are the Knights of Byzantium and are in town to destroy the Key. When she gets to the Magic Box, she informs Mr. Travers that she is not going to do the review anymore. She gives a speech saying she isn't going to take any more demands from the Council. Mr. Travers reluctantly agrees and informs her that Glory is not a demon, but a God.

This episode originally aired on January 23, 2001.