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The following was apart of the original fanlisting & is credited to Laura.

Written Amy Sherman-Palladino
Directed Robert Berlinger
Original U.S. Air Date: February 5, 2002

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________________Why 'This is Nice'?
Luke: So the participation in this thing was purely for home improvement reasons?
Lorelai:Yes. And I donít know, itís a nice concept.
Luke: What is?
Lorelai:Just having someone who you love or have some kind of crazy crush on bid on your basket and then share a romantic lunch, itís a nice concept.
Luke: Well, Iím sure someday youíll manage to find the right guy and drag him out to this thing and make him by your stupid basket and then youíll be sitting out here with him.
Lorelai:Yeah, someday.
Luke: You know what?
Luke: This is nice.