_________________Ashley Fuller Olsen
On June 13, 1986, Ashley and her sister Mary Kate were born to David and Jarnette Olsen in Sherman Oaks, CA. Ashley and Mary Kate began their acting career as Michelle Tanner on the hit tv series, Full House, in 1987. Once hired they began training with a woman by the name of Adria Later.

They became widely popular for their role as Michelle. During their years on Full House, they made three made for tv movies: To Grandmother's House We Go, Double Double Toil and Trouble, and How the West Was Fun. They also made an album entitled Brother for Sale and a music video entitled Our First Video. They also made a little video series called The Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley in which they were little detectives who could solve any crime by dinner time.

Then in 1995, the girls made their big screen debut in the movie entitled It Takes Two. They do not play sisters in this film. Then in 1998 they made a return to television on a short lived series called Two of a Kind. After the series' end, many more projects and films followed. Both girls also served as producers on some of their projects and are known to be the youngest producers starting out. Their last project as such was the theatrical film, New York Minute.

Although the girls have appeared together in most everything they have done, they have both stated that they do not wish to be referred to as The Olsen Twins. They want to be seen as individuals.

Beisdes being an actress and attending college (Ashley stopped attending NYU in 2007), along with Mary Kate, has put together a line of fashion in young girls clothing in Wal Mart stores all over America. Because people have become so interested in their fashion choices, Ashley and Mary Kate have worked together to put their fashion line together. Ashley's main jobs now are co-CEO of Dualstar and is a fashion designer. Currently with Mary-Kate together they run 3 lines The Row, Elizabeth & James, & Olsenboye. Ashley & Mary-Kate also released a book in 2008 called Influence which contained photographs & interviews with many of their creative & influential fashion friends.

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