Piper and Prue bring a doctor to the manor to protect him from a demon assassin (Shax) who had been sent by The Source. Shax breaks into the manor and injures Prue and Piper. Leo arrives in time to heal them. Phoebe using a vanquishing spell on Shax but it doesn't work. All healed up, Prue and Piper go onto the street to find Shax and are caught using their powers by a live television crew. The public panics and goes to the manor were a maniac shots Piper through a window. Prue rushes her to the hospital (using her powers to knock people out of the way) where Piper dies from her injuries. Phoebe goes into the Underworld to find Cole and they are forced to make a deal with Tempus to travel back in time. They go successfully but Phoebe, Cole, and Leo (after traveling there to tell Phoebe about Piper's death) are trapped in the Underworld leaving Piper and Prue on unconscious on the floor from the initial blast from Shax.

This episode originally aired on May 17, 2001.