The Scooby gang tries to find Buffy after defeating the biker gang. Buffy is at her house, confused, as Dawn tries to take care of her. Spike comes to the house looking for Dawn and is stunned to see Buffy there. Spike tells Buffy that she has been gone for 147 days.

The gang arrives at the house and are thrilled that Buffy is alive. Spike slips out while the focus is on Buffy. When Xander and Anya leave the house, Spike confronts Xander about how he wasn't told of the plan to resurrect Buffy even though he fought along their side during the summer. He warns Xander of the consequences of bringing Buffy back.

Willow & Tara let Giles know of Buffy's return and go to bed. Buffy is in her room, still in a fog, and looks at photos of her friends that briefly turn into skulls. During that night, Willow and Tara are awoken by Buffy yelling at them. They go and check and Buffy is asleep in her room. Willow calls Xander and while Xander talks to her, Anya enters the room dragging a knife across her face with smokey eyes.

The gang goes to the Magic Box the next day to figure out what is going on. Buffy leaves to patrol alone. Dawn is then overtaken by the demon and breathes fire. Buffy, instead of patrolling, goes to talk to Spike in his crypt.

At the Magic Box, Willow discovers that the demon was created by the spell that brought Buffy back and it can not be gotten rid of without reversing the spell. The demon takes over Xander's body and hears this information and heads out to find Buffy.

Buffy is attacked by a formless demon, which she can not hurt, in her room. Willow and Tara cast a spell to give the demon form so that Buffy can kill it, which she does with an ax.

Dawn heads to school the next day and Buffy sees her off. They hug and Buffy goes to the Magic Box to visit her friends. She tells them she was in Hell and thanks them for saving her.

Buffy goes out back to be alone but Spike is hiding in a patch of shade. Buffy admits to Spike that she was in Heaven and happy and her friends pulled her out. Spike is shocked and Buffy says that her friends can never know the truth.

This episode originally aired on October 9, 2001.