The hospital is still reeling from the trouble with Clemente. Anspaugh informs Carrie that there is potential liability, a message that she passes onto Luka since he is the head of the department. Luka proposes to Abby who will not say yes for the sake of getting married because they are having a baby. Pratt and Neela attend Gallant's funeral, though Neela unwillingly since she thinks saying goodbye to Michael will mean beginning to forget him. She has an encounter with Michael's father, blaming him for inspiring Michael to go back overseas which is where he was killed. Morris is trying to interview his co-workers and have them say wonderful things about him as it's his last day in the ER.

Steve and another inmate are brought into the ER after a prison fight. The EMT trainee that Sam was training turns out to the be the inmate's girlfriend. They overpower the police officer that brings them in and make plans to leave the hospital & hold Sam at gun point. Luka walks into the room, sees something is wrong, and is drugged by the girlfriend. Sam convinces Steve to let her stay long enough to tube Luka so that he can breathe before they leave. The two men with Sam go to make their way out the door. Sam calls Abby "Abigail" who tells the police that something is wrong and a shootout occurs. Jerry is severely wounded and Abby is injured but minorly. The men grab Sam and go to make their get away while Steve reveals that he has kidnapped Alex, who is tied up in the van.

Back in the ER they try to cope with the chaos that has just happened while trying to save Jerry. Abby goes to get something in a different room and she collapses right next to the trauma room where Luka is tied to the gurney. He watches helplessly as she falls, leaving a bloody hand print on the window.

This episode originally aired on May 18, 2006.